Who am I

Alessandro Rolando, a visionary pioneer in the e-commerce space, has been shaping the digital landscape since his founding of Madwebs in 2002. With a keen eye for future trends, Alessandro saw the potential of e-commerce and dedicated his career to empowering businesses with innovative solutions. Madwebs, now a leading software house, has helped numerous prestigious Italian fashion brands (like 10 Corso Como, Antonioli, G&B Negozio, Lidiashopping, Gibot) achieve over €50M in annual revenue across 100+ countries.

Alessandro’s passion for technology extends beyond e-commerce, as evidenced by his latest venture, Visidea. This AI-powered visual search and product recommendation tool is revolutionizing the online shopping experience, already serving millions of users. With his unwavering dedication and insightful vision, Alessandro continues to be a driving force in the ever-evolving world of technology.

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